Kami no ken

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Kami no ken

Post  Argosaxlord on Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:23 am

Weilded by Ken no Masuta, the handle is shaped in the form of a crucifix with a large, black coloured blade reached out for about 5 foot. The handle is coloured gold with black jewels engraved into it.

Ken can weild this sword with ease despite it's heavy weight a large shape. But with Kens lightning speed, he can draw it incredibly quickly.

The sword is also the subject of a very unique summon where Ken no Masuta creates the summoning seal on his hand which teleports the sword into his hand, wherever it may be. With years of practice, all Ken needs to do, is hold his palm face-up and he is able to summon the sword, making it the perfect weapon.

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